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Maps, Prints, Comic Books, Baseball Cards and More! - March 28, 2009

Don't Miss this Auction. The Gallery will be full of maps, prints, comic books, baseball cards and other collectibles.


Edens Auctions Gallery
3720 Flowood Drive
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Auction Date
Saturday, March 28, 2009 10:00 a.m.

Previews: - Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. beginning March 23rd

Note:  Selected items will be sold in place and presented by Power Point Presentation. Please attend a Preview.

Absentee and phone bids accepted. Absentee or Phone Bid Form (PDF)

Partial Listing

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Johnny Bench # 433 Baseball Card,Joe Montana Rookie Card (Topps) # 216 Football Card,Barry Bonds Rookie Card (Fleer) # 604 Baseball Card,Roger Maris 1959 (Topps) # 202 Baseball Card,Baltimore Orioles Future Stars (Topps),Cal Ripken 1996 (Bowman) Baseball Card,Barry Bonds Signed Baseball Card,Ellis Kinder 1955 (Topps) Baseball Card,Michael Vick Football Card,Karl Olson 1955 (Topps) Baseball Card,Brett Faure 1991 (Upper Deck) Football Card,Bill Kennedy 1952 (Topps) Baseball Card,Bob Elliott 1952 (Topps) Baseball Card,Duke Snider 1952 (Bowman) Baseball Card,Ernie Banks # 350 Baseball Card,Peyton Manning Football Card,Duke Snider 1962 (Topps) # 500 Baseball Card,Harmon Killebrew 1962 (Topps) # 70 Baseball Card,Reggie Jackson 1970, 1975, 1976, 1977 Baseball Cards,Cal Ripken Baseball Cards,Matt Williams Baseball Card,Del Rice 1952 (Topps) # 100 Baseball Card,Daunte Culpepper & Edgerrin James Football Cards,Brian Jordan 1992 (Bowman) & Nomar Garciaparra 1993 Baseball Cards,Peyton Manning 1998 Football Card,Mickey Mantle Baseball Cards,Greg Maddux Baseball Cards,Mike Simon 1912 Baseball Card,Tony Piet 1933 & Gus Mancuso 1933 Baseball Cards,Tommy Glaviano 1952 (Topps) # 56 and Johnny Schmitz 1952 # 136,Alfronso Soriano Baseball Card,Nomar Garciaparra 1999, 2000 (Topps) Baseball Card,Mark McGwire 1998, 1999 (Topps) Baseball Card,Nolan Ryan Upper Deck, Topps,Supergirl comics,Wolverine comics,Booster Gold and Legends comics,Super Heroes Stamp Album,Alpha Flight comics,Emerald Green comics,Action Comics June 1938 (Superman) reproduction,Aquaman comics,Iron Man comics,Secret Wars II comics,The Flash comics,Access comics,The New Defenders,Web of Spiderman and Marvel team-up comics,The Outsiders comics,Captain Atom comics,Cloak and Dagger comics,All-Star Squadron comics,Armageddon 2001, Armageddon inferno comics,Sword of the Atom comics,Dazzler comics,The Jack of Hearts and Genesis preview copy,Hulk, Marvel Saga, and Marvel Age,Versus, Bullets and Bracelets,The Doom Patrol and Secret Origins,Rogue comics and Micronauts comics,The Uncanny X-Men,The Uncanny X-Men,Fantastic Four comics,Starman comics and Silver Surfer,The Infinity Gauntlet comics,Wonder Woman comics,Nightcrawler, Askani'son, The comet,The Phoenix and Ghost Rider,Weapon X and Robin III,Doctor Strange and Strange Tales,Gambit and Captain America,Justice League America,Silver Surfer,X-S-E, Bishop, Magneto, and Exiles,War of the Gods,Crisis,The Infinity War and Sovereign Seven,"Dial ""H"" for Hero and The Ray and Star Corps",Power Pack,Avengers,Power Lords and Cyclops and The Lost Gods,Superboy,Spider Boy, Royal Roy, Richie Rich, and Casper,Cable,Superboy,The Eternals, Galactic Guardians, Ascension, The Omega Men, and Marvel Fanfare,Magik and Doctor Fate,Legionaires, Shazam, Star Brand, and Warlord,Wanderers and Millennium,JSA, Fallen Angels, Prime, Supreme, Nova, Crimson Dawn, Thunder, The Thing, X-Nation, Sampler, Mighty Mouse, Edge, Valor, Arion, Squadron Supreme, Wendy, and Marvel UniverseCatalyst, Blood Syndicate, Lionheart, Firestar, Moonshadow, Galactic Guardians, Power Girl, Fallen Angels, Mister Miracle, Rune, The Falcon.X-Partol, Black Panther, Kull, Numidian Force, StormWatch, Siren, Iceman, Sectaurs, Thunder Agents, Crystar, The Demon, Hot Stuff, Sunfire, X Unvierse, Arak, Powerman & Iron Fist, Robotech, JLX, Mutant, Vision and the Scarlet Witch, Young Blood and Sovereign SevenThe Inhumans, Josie and the Pussycats, Arak, Marvel onslaught uni., The New Guardians, Conan, Darkstar, Justice Society, Cyborg and Justice Machine,Starfire and D.P.7,Generation NeXt,Amethyst,The New Teen Titans,Guardians of the Galaxy,PSI Force,The Fury of Firestorm,Batman and the Outsiders, Batman, and Armageddon,X-Man,Quasar,Excalibur,The New Mutants comics,X-Force,Superman comics and 84' World's Finest Comics # 300,The New Warriors comics,Thor comics,Wonder Woman Comics,X-Factor,Legion of Super-Heroes,The New Teen Titans & New Titans,X-Men,X - Men,The Uncanny X-Men Covered,Hank Wiliams Records,Hank Williams Jr.,Buck Owens,Elvis,Loretta Lynn,Sonny James,Conway Twitty,Bee Gees, Dixo Rochet and Disco Dynamite,Misc. Country Records,Misc. Records,Deutschland 1872 Map,Switzerland 1856 Map,Sud-Westliches Deutschland 1873 Map,Deutschland 1872 Map,Deutschland 1873 Map,Deutschland 1872 Map,Carte Physique de L'Allemagne 1845 Map,Das Deutsche Reich 1884 Map,Das Deutsche Reich 1885 Map,France 1903 Map,France, Spain, and Portugal 1862 Map,Nord-Ostliches Deutschland 1831 Map,Sud Ostliches Deutschland 1822 Map,Nord-Ostliches Deutschland 1877 Map,Die Deutschen Kriegshafen 1885 Map,Der Rhein 1823 Map,Sudwestliches Deutchschland und Schweiz 1821,Der Rhein Wurttemberg 1845 Map,Carte Physique Et Politique De La Prusse 1845 Map,Deutschland 1884 Map,Empire Francais 1813 Map,France Par Provinces 1789 Map,Russland und Skandinavien 1885 Map,Tunison's Russia in Europe 1889 Map,Austria-Hungary 1904 Map,Johnson's Switzerland 1863 Map,The Century Atlas Switzerland 1897 Map,Rand McNally & Co Map of Switzerland 1892,Switzerland 1856 Map,Niederlande und Belgien 1885 Map,Niederlande und Belgien 1877 Map,Switzerland 1888 Map,Switzerland and the Alps of Savoy & Piedmont,Switzerland 1841 Map,Holland & Belgium 1902 Map,Belgium and the Netherlands 1888 Map,Holland and Belgium 1882 Map,De La Hollande et De La Belgique 1847 Map,The Baltic and its Cousts 1842 Map,Alpenland 1865 Map,Johnson's Holland and Belgium 1866 Map,Physical Map of Europe 1906,Eupora Centrale 1872 Map,The Century Atlas: Central Europe 1897,Europe 1860 Map,Kustvormen van Europa 1893 Map,Europa Centrale 1872 Map,Europa Politische Ubersicht 1895 Map,Europa 1875 Map,Europa 1849 Map,Central & Southern Europe with Mediterranean Sea 1802 Map,Europa 1819 Map,Central Europe 1868 Map,Central Europe 1839 Map,Russie Occidentale 1855 Map,Russia in Europe 1903 Map,Russia Europea 1872 Map,North Part of Russia in Europe Map,Rusland 1893 Map,Russie D'Asie 1852 Map,Siberie Tartarie Chinoise Et Isles Du Japan 1806 Map,Russie 1892 Map,Siberie 1834 Map,Europaisches Russland 1898 Map,Siberie Russie D' Asie 1857 Map,Siberie Russia Asiatica Map,Sweden & Norway 1841 Map,Schweden und Norwegen 1822 Map,Skandinavie 1893 Map,Svezia, Norvegia 1853 Map,Sweden & Norway 1846 Map,Sween & Norway Map,Denmark 1904 Map,1989 Fleer Baseball Cards,1992 Donruss Baseball Cards,1991 Donruss Collector Set Baseball Cards,1991 Score Baseball Card Packs,Donruss Baseball Puzzle & Cards,1992 Leaf Set Baseball Cards,1992 Leaf Set Baseball Cards,1990 Bowman Baseball Cards,1989 Fleer, 1989 Topps and 1990 Fleer Baseball Cards,1991 Score Collector Set Baseball Cards,"1987 Donruss ""The Rookies"" Baseball Cards",2008 Topps Baseball Cards,1991 Nolan Ryan Texas Express Baseball Cards,1994 Upper Deck All-Star Baseball Cards,Trading Card Album of Jose Canseco,1993 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Cards,1991 Baseball Draft Picks,Box of Baseball Cards,Box of Cards (football, baseball, & basketball),1998 Diamond Skills Sheets,Box Lot of Cards,1990 Donruss Baseball Cards Box,1991 Action Packed Football Cards,1991 Classic Draft Picks (Football) Cards,1991 Classic Draft Picks (Basketball Cards) Box,1991 Skybox NBA and NBA Hoops (Series 1) Cards,2000 NBA Hoops Hot Prospects, 1993 Topps Stadium Club Basketball, 95-96' Fleer Ultra Sheets,Jurassic Park Topps Movie Cards,1990 NHL Cards,1991 Topps Stadium Club Hockey,Defective Comics Trading Cards,2001 Golf Cards,Old Magazines,3 Dale Earnhardt Shirts also Featuring Richard Petty,3 Dale Earnhardt Shirts,Dale Earnhardt Jr. and 2 Dale Earnhardt Sr. Shirts,3 Dale Earnhardt Shirts,2 Dale Earnhardt Shirts,3 Dale Earnhardt Shirts,4 Dale Earnhardt Shirts,Kevin Harvick Tapestry,

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