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Hunting Equipment, Tools and Misc. Items
Edens Auction Gallery - Flowood, MS


Edens Auctions Gallery, 3720 Flowood Drive, Flowood, MS. 39232


July 19 - 10:00 a.m. - Until
July 20 - 1:00 p.m. - Until
July 21 - 10:00 a.m. - until - tenative
Located behind US Legal Forms, Inc.
(601) 622-4220

Sea Container Auction of Hunting Equipment, Tools and Misc. Items. Edens Auctions has been retained by several local Corporations to liquidate the contents of over 10 sea containers full of used hunting equipment, tools and general items. There will be something for everyone at this auction so make your plans to attend today.


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Hunting Partial Listing:

Decoy Bags, Russian Night Vison Scope, Ducks Unlimited '81 Limited Edition Federal Shot Box 1 of 1500, Ducks Unlimited '83 Limited Edition Federal Shot Box 1 of 2000, Ducks Unlimited Federal Shotshell Box Limited Edition 1 of 3000, 10,000lb Warn Winch, 100 Round Shotshell Box, Bear Bow, 3 Black Gun Cases, 2 Cabella's Camo Truck Seat Covers (Ford), Canadian Goose Wooden Box, 2 Chesapeake Ducks Unlimited Atlantic Flyway Edition Wooden Box, Custom Made Caribou Hide Chair Dog Blind, Alaskan Skinning Knife with case & display, Shakespeake Carrying Case, Shoe Cleaner Stand, Shotgun Cleaning Kit, Small Arrow Knike, Spotting Scope with bag, Two Rivers Small Decoy Box, 12 Pair of Waders, Wooden BB Gun, Wooden Canadian Goose, Wooden Canadian Goose Container, Wooden Duck Figure, Wooden Turkey Call Old Hunter Crossing Sign, Winch Roller, 7 Avery Coffin Blinds, Avery Outdoor Guide Bag, Ducks Unlimited Rolling Backpack, Ducks Unlimited Single Wooden Rocker, Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Plaque, Ducks Unlimited Sportsman's Trunk, Ducks Unlimited Wooden Box, Ducks Unlimited Wooden Duck Call, 2 Four States Guide Hats, 3 4-Wheeler Spray Rigs, 4-Wheeler Winch, 4-Wheeler Front Rack, 4-Wheeler Rear Basket Rack, 4 Goose Windsock Decoy Bags, Grizzly Metal Gun Case, 3 Gun Racks, 6 Kite Decoys, 4-Wheeler Tires (New), 4-Wheeler Tires & Wheels, 2 Night Blaster Spotlight, Premier Windfowl Camo Tote, 2 Premier Windfowl Long Sleeve Camo Shirts, Red Ducks Unlimited Gun Case, 2 Robo Ducks, 2005 Honda Foreman 4-Wheeler 4X4, Chest Freezers, Windsocks Stakes, 8000lb Warn Winch, 5gal Bucket Decoy Weights (Lead), Black Hunting Knife with Hook Quail Sponsor, 9000lb Super Winch, Aluminum Chaps, ATV Lock, ATV Only Sign, 5 Brown & Gray Shell, 5 Brown & White/Blue Wing, Camo Netting in Green Bag, Camo Pouch with Strap, Ford Bumper Guard, Columbia Green Tote, 100 Goose Windsocks, Decoy Stands, Decoy Silhouette Stand, 2 Dozen Stakes, Federal 12Gauge Bullets, Duck Calls, 100 Goose Rags, Goose Shell Stakes Box, Hunting Hoister, 12 Mallard Retreat Hats, Mess Kits Orange Safety Vest, Orange Flagging Tape, Military Utility Bag, Parachute Bag, Plastic Coffin Blind, 48 Ears of Corn (Plastic), No Wind Windsocks, Mossy Oak Gloves RadioShack Wirless Camara System, Robo Duck Body, Robo Duck Motors, Robo Duck Shells, Robo Duck Wings, Shotgun Shell Loader, Simmons Camo Spotting Scope Rubber Boots, Rubber Hip Boots, 2 Snow Goose Jackets, 4 Stand Robo Duck, Top to Hunting Bucket Camo, Tripod, Duck Decoys, 2 Box of Hats, Big Knife with Case 2 Black Coffin Blinds, Canadian Goose Wooden Box, Green Shell Box, 2 Green Seal Box, Green Military Shell Box

Tool Partial Listing:

Air Compressor, Air Hose, Air America II, 3 Red Tool Boxes, Red Motor Hoist, 3 Red Tool Boxes, Metal Tool Cart, 2 Deluxe Portable 500 Watt Lights, Black Floor Jack 3 Weed Eaters, Velcro, Wall Dividers, Large Blue Barge Ratchet

Fishing & Boating Partial Listing:

Variety Of Coolers, 3 Tackle Boxes, Wooden Boat, New Trolling Motor (Great White), Outboard Boat Motor, 2 Boat Paddles, Boat Seat, Boat Steering Wheel, Fish Barometer & Thermometer, Nylon Rope, 2 Propellers, Boat Weight, New Reel, 8 Crawfish Traps, Turtle Traps, Wood Propeller, 150 Crawfish Bags, 50 Ft. Fish Ceim, Crawfish Racks For Coolers, Aluminum Boats, 3 Black Boat Trailer Fenders, Boat Trailer Dolly, Dip Net, Fishing Lures, Float Lines, Floaters, Floating Key Chains, 600 Rings For Crawfish, Ted Williams 4 1/2hp Boat Motor, Trolling Motor, Trolling Motor Honda 9.0 GX270, 5 Turtle Nets, 2 Wooden Fish Boxes, Various Boats

Camping Partial Listing:

25 Aluminum Camping Plates, 2 Trail Tents, 2-Burner Fish Cooker, Coolers, 2 Green Propane Cylinder, 2 Fold Out Tables, 10 Folding Chairs, Iceless Electric Cooler, 6 Large Aluminum Camping Plates, 3 Gallon Water Cooler, 5 Gal. Water Tank & Canteene, 2 Air Mattress, Barbecue Tool Set, Blow up Mattress & Stand, 10 Butane, Cylinders, 3 Butane Heater, Cantenne Holder Belt, 2 Coleman Heater Fluid, Coleman Propane Lamp, Collapasable Bud Light Coolers, Columbia Green Tote, 55qt white cooler, Blue & White 104qt cooler, Blue & White Coleman Cooler with Snap Lid, Blue Flagging Tape, Blue Plastic Water Container, Blue Thermos Black Lid, 2 Camp Stove Toaster, Cast Iron Pot with Lid, 4 Coffee Thermos, Coleman Green Cooler, Coleman Heater, Cups, Fold Out Camo chairs, 2 Footrest for folding chairs, 2 Green 6gal Water Container, Green & White Cooler Atlanta 1996, Green & White Soup Thermos, Green Cooler Pack, Green Hunter's Chair, Green Metal Box Tin, Heavy BBQ Grill, Handmade Real Leather Map Bottle, Leather Rebel Flag Cup Holder, Mossy Oak Camo Cup, 4 Propane Stoves, 3 Pots, 4 Propane Tanks, Purple Cooler Pack, Red & White 34qt Cooler, Red Grill Safe Heat Can, Silver Aluminum Coffee Cup, 2 Silver Bowls, 4 Silver Food Holders, 2 Sleeping Bags, Silver Pepcid Aluminum Cup, 55 Thermos White Cooler, 6 Thermos 2 White 104qt Cooler, 2 Waterproof Match Containers, 3 Water Jugs, 5gal Stool Buckets, Flashlight With Radio, Tarps, 2 Boiler Rack, Black Suitcase, Black Strap in Bag Large Silver Skillet

Hunting Collectibles & Decorations Partial Listing:

1 Antler Lamp, Black Armadillo Statue, Black Lab Dog Figure, Black Lab with Duck Figure, Black Metal Welcome Sign, Brass Banker's Lamp with Organizer, 2 Brass Deer, Ceramic Dog Cookie Jar, Chess Board set, Double Wooden Rocker, Duck Bookend, Duck Lamp, Battery Operated Water Fountain, 2 Eagle Lamps, 2 Eggs Made Kenya, Eskimo Boat Figure, Glass Split Top Container, 11 Glass Vases, Gold Duck Metal Figure, 4 Golden Eggs, 3qt Ice Bucket with Shot Glasses, 2 Luxery Wooden Covered Chairs, Magnolia Container, Mess Kit, 2 Metal Egg Container, 2 Metal Lamps, 2 Middendorf's Ashtrays, 2 Mirrors, 2 Pheasant Duck Figure, Quail Duck Figure Rockers, Wall Dividers, White Desk Lamp with Organizer, Wicker Chair, Wooden Chairs, Wooden Tables, Wounded Bunkie Statue by Frederic Remington, Antler Back Scratcher, Bird On Perch Figure, Black Caribou withYellow Eyes, Black Wing & Clay, 2 Car Tags, Boy with Black Lab Figure, Dry Erase Board, 2 Duck Figures, Duck Hunters Only Plaque, Engraved Wood Scene, Globe Light, Lab Plaque With Stand, Ligth Up Christmas House, Metal Flower Vase with Lid, 4 Mighty Lights, Mountain Man Statue by Frederic Remington, Squirrel Feeder, Stuffed TY Beanie Baby Mallard Duck, Whistling Wings 10 DVD, 2 Wooden Wood Ducks, 2 Wooden Tom Toler Canadian Geese, Wooden Duck by A. Bourque, Yellow Old Hunter Crossing Sign, Book : Clues to America's Past, Book : E.C. Prudhomme's Gun Engraving Review, Book : Exploring America's Valleys, Book : Gun Digest 2001, Book : Iceland Land of Sagas by Jon Krakauer, Book : New Orleans Galleries, Inc. July 29-30, 2000, Book : Pageant of the Gun Book : Pierre Deux's Brittany: A French Country Style and Source Book, Book : Pistols of the World, Book : The Art of Engraving by James B. Meek, Book : The Fight for Survival: Animals in their Natural Habitats, Book : The Hunting Rifle by Jack O' Conner, Book : The Illustrated Book of Guns, Book : The Native Americans: An Illustrated History, Book : The Sporting Life: A Passion for Hunting and Fishing, Book : Up the Koyukuk 4/1983, Book : Winchester Engraving by R.L. Wilson, Book : Winchester Repeating Arms Company, Its History and Development from 1865 to 1981 by Herbert G. Houze, Book : Winchester: An American Legend by R.L. Wilson, Horse Thief Statue by: Frederic Remington, Hunter's Handbook, Terry Redlin "The Art of Mail Holder", Small Silver Cup Steel, Complete Taxidermy Book, North Central Waterfowl Reserve Plaque Pheasant Hill Lodge Plaque with Quail

Furniture Partial Listing:

Wooden Table with Glass, Wooden Table Holder, 2 Wooden Shelf, Wooden HighChair, 3 Wooden Chairs, Wooden Chair with Blue Plaid Seat, Custom Made Caribou Chair, Double Wooden Rocker, Exercise Machine, 2 Fold Out Tables, Folding Chairs, 2 Luxury Wooden Covered Chairs, Round End Table, Small Rocker with Brown Seat, Ducks Unlimited Rocker, Upholstered Chair, Wicker Chair, Rocker with Blue Seat


Edens Auction Gallery is located at 3720 Flowood Drive in Flowood, MS. Flowood Drive can be accessed from Lakeland Dr. (Hwy. 25) by getting on Old Fannin Rd., Lakeland Commons Rd., or N Airport Rd. Once you are on Flowood Drive our Gallery is located behind US Legal Forms, Inc.

Location Map: Map

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