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Antique Auction

Okolona Auction Gallery

April 25, 2008 - 6:00 pm
30010 Sheppard Road - Hwy 45 alt. Okolona, Mississippi

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(601) 622-4220
Seat reservations: (662) 447-5110

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This auction consists of american and english antiques. We have a good selection of american and english antiques for this auction. A 40 foot container just arrived.

Antiques for this Auction

Roseville Pottery, Bedroom Suit (3 pc.), Desk (Butler Style), Jackson Press, China Cabinet, Pair Victorian Chairs, Entrance Etagere, Table w/ Leafs, Primitive Table & 4 Chairs, Stained Glass Windows (6 pieces), 4 Copper Boilers, Bookcase/Secretary, Dresser and Bed, Picture, Ship-Painted Cut Glass, Pair of Stained Glass Windows, Drop-Front Desk, Chippendale Desk, Wall Entrance Table, Open Front Bookcase, Revolving Table, Pine Chest, Double Door Pie Safe, Oak Sofa Table Claw/Ball Feet, Mable Drop-Front Desk, 2 Pine Night Stands, Mahogany Vanity, Dog/Girl Picture, French Center Table, Matching Magazine Racks (Pair), 2 Round Queen Anne Tables, Mission Oak High-Back Chair, Bunch/Stool, Cut Glass Vase, Lane/Virginia Round Table, Victorian Needle Point Chair, Mirror Long-Ways, Cane Bottom Chair, Unpainted Stained Glass (Pair), Stained Glass (Pair), Pair of Steer Bells, 2 unpainted Stained Glass Windows, Center Table, Record Cabinet, Center Table, Entrance Table, Small Drum Table, Iron Organ Stool, Pair of Metal (Iron) Candle Holders, Mahogany Drum Table, Drum Table, Liar-Based Coffee Table, Drum Table, 2 Stools, Leather Top Table, Piano/Organ Stool, Center Table (4 legs), Night Stand, Coffee Table, Oak Center Table, Pie-Crust Table, Center Table (8 legs), Folding Walnut Center Table, Stand, Mission Oak Table, Two Draw Night Stand, Walnut Clock Shelf, Stool/Bench, Smoker, Oak Clock Shelf, Primitive Feed Bucket, Wall Table, Stool, Stained Glass (Small Pieces of Stained Glass).

Queen Anne Table Oak, Dinner Wagon Mahogany, Set 4 + 2 Sheraton Dinning Chairs Mahogany 1890, 4 Tea Cart on Wheels Wood, 5 Dressing Stool Oak, Centre Pedestal Gate leg Table Oak, Leaded Kneehole Desk Mahogany, Curio Cabinet Bow front Walnut, Regency Double Pedestal D/ Table Walnut, 20pc Dinner Service Pottery 1885, 22pc Tea Set Flo Blue Pottery 1890, Art Deco Teapots Pottery, Staffordshire Teapot Set Pottery, 3pc Pewter Tea Set, Scottish Stone Bed warmer Stoneware, Cut Glass Vase Glass, 22pc Royal Winton Tea set Pottery, Amber Glass Fruit Dish Glass, 7pc Collection of Decorative Plates Pottery, 15 Pc of Glassware Glass, Cat on Sofa Teapot Pottery, 3 Cookie Jars Pottery, Hen Butter Dish 1880, 15 Pc Assorted Glassware Glass, 8pc Pottery Figurines Pottery, 6pc Collection of Flo Blue Plates Pottery 1890, 29 15pc Ironstone Coffee Set Pottery 1890, Large Figurine of Sporting Player Pottery 1890, 2 Cut Glass Decanters Glass 1890, 2 Art Glass Urns Glass 1890, Assortment of 7 Decorative Vases Pottery, Art Glass Vases Glass, Royal Doulton Country Scene Plates Pottery, Collection of 10 Trinket Boxes Pottery 1890, Stone Crock Jar Stoneware 1890, Coffee Table on Cabriole Legs Brass 1890, Brass Convex Mirror Brass/Glass 1890, Nest of 3 Queen Anne Tables Wood 1890, Bevel Wall Mirror Glass/Brass 1890, Nest of 3 Queen Anne Tables Mahogany, Ladies Dressing Stool Whicker, Walnut Gate leg Table Walnut, Small Oak Ladies Mirrored Vanity, Deep 2 Door Wardrobe Carved Walnut, Burl Walnut Queen Anne Wardrobe Burl Walnut, Deep Carved Gothic 2 Door Wardrobe Oak 1890, Pair of Domed Vases Blue Stoneware 1880, Pair of Sphere Vases Blue Pattern Pottery 1890, Artists Easel Pine 1890, Jacobean Barley Twist Hall Chair Oak 1890, Book Rack Oak, Ladies Edwardian Dressing Stool, Whicker Linen Box Whicker, Balloon Back Victorian Chair 1880, Beswick Figure of Dog, Pair Of Jardinières Stoneware 1890, Inlaid Georgian Chest Of Drawers Oak 1830, Ladies Mirrored Vanity Walnut, Round Queen Anne Table Walnut, Inlaid Library Table Oak 1890, Tea Cart 3 Tier Mahogany 1890, Pr of Inlaid Maplewood Chairs Maplewood 1890, Pr of Side Tables On Fluted Legs, Large Coffee Table, Blanket Box Pine, Slim Gate leg Table Mahogany, Set 4 Chairs Oak, Small Piano Stool Oak, Victorian Carved Library Chairs Oak 1875, Deco Radio in Round Case Oak, Office Chair Oak, Decorative Wall Mirrors Wood/Glass 1890, Large Colored Wall Print Matisse Print 1895, Carved Wall Mirrors Glass 1890, Pr of Brass Tables Brass France 1890, Pr of Dresser Chairs Ash 1890, Pub Table Deco Mahogany, Wheel Back Chairs Set Of 4 Wood, Large Over Mantle Mirror Walnut/Glass, Dutch Chest Drawers Teak Dutch, Chest Drawers Wood, Gents Chest Drawers Golden Oak, Pine Chest Drawers Pine 1890, Dutch Cabinet Teak Dutch, Dutch Kneehole Mirrored Vanity Teak Dutch, Armchair Sheraton Mahogany, Occasional Table Oak, Triple Mirror Vanity Walnut, Single Mirror Vanity Oak, Oval Pub Table Oak, Bookcase Walnut, Sea Chest Pine 1890, Deco Mirrored Vanity Oak, Bentwood Chairs Oak, Deco Bar Stool Metal, Sea Chest Trunk Wood 1895, Deep 2 Door Wardrobe Walnut, Curio Cabinet Walnut, Tea Trolley Jacobean Oak, Deep 2 Door Wardrobe Walnut, Tripod Pub Table Oak, Draw leaf Golden Oak Golden Oak, Tallboy Chest Walnut, Bow front Wardrobe Queen Anne Walnut, Chest Drawers Oak, Whicker Armchair Whicker, Pair Wheel back Chairs Pine 1890, Ladies Tall Chest Mahogany, Oak Buffet Jacobean Carved Oak, Deco Bookshelf Glass Walnut/Glass, Oak Writing Bureau Oak, Leaded Jacobean Court Cupboard Oak 1890, Queen Anne Curio Cabinet Walnut, Small Wardrobe Carved Wood, Milking Stool Oak 1890, Jacobean Paneled Bureau Oak, Ladies Mirror Vanity Oak, Double Pedestal Dinning Table/Leaf Wood 1875, Long Pine Farm House Table Pine 1890, Double Pedestal Regency D/Table Wood, Kitchen Drop leaf Table Pine, Golden Oak Gate leg Table Golden Oak, Georgian Style Breakfront Bookcase Wood 1890, Large Victorian Farm House Table Pine 1890, Set 4 Victorian Chairs Mahogany 1880, Victorian Carved Armoire Walnut 1875, Barley Twist Jacobean Table Oak 1890, Nest 3 Stag Tables Mahogany, Night Stand Lloyd Loom, Writing Bureau Oak, Hall Paneled Wardrobe Oak, Writing Bureau Oak 1890, Victorian Mirrored Armoire Pine 1880, Lamp Stand with Shade Mahogany, Lamp Stand with Shade Mahogany, Half Round Queen Anne Hall Table Walnut 1890, Linen Chest Lloyd Loom, Fern Table Wood 1890, Foot Stools Oak/Pine, Bedroom Chairs Pine 1890, Fold Down Tea Cart Oak, Regency Double Pedestal Table Wood 1890, Curio Cabinet Walnut, Victorian Chest with Side Piece Cabinet Wood 1875, Queen Anne Cocktail Cabinet Walnut 890, Pr Victorian Armchairs 1885, Pr Reclining Armchairs Oak, Victorian Windsor Chair Pine 1880, Parquetry Round Inlaid Table Walnut, Deco Extending Dinning Table Teak Danish, Carved Victorian Carved Armoire 1875, Deco Ladies Secretary Walnut, Rush seat Stool Oak, Sewing Table Small Oak, Ladies Dressing Stool Lloyd Loom, Edwardian Table Wood, 2 Door Carved Armoire Oak 1890, Large Jacobean Farmhouse G/Leg Table Oak 1890, Jacobean Dresser with Plate Rack Oak, Carved Harvest Sideboard Golden Oak 1890, Deco Horse Shoe Dressing Table/Mirror, Bow end Dukes Mirrored Vanity Walnut, Night Stand Queen Anne Burl Walnut 1890, Whicker Armchair Whicker 1890, Set 4 Ladder Back Chairs Oak 1890, Carved Ladies Vanity Golden Oak, Georgian Style Library Bookcase 1870, Oval Dinning Table Plus 4 Chairs Dutch, Swedish Sideboard Teak Sweden, Queen Anne Writing Bureau Walnut, Sheraton Inlaid Chest Mahogany 1880, Night Stand Bamboo, Sewing Table Art Deco Oak, Gate leg Table Walnut, Oak Gate leg Table Teak, Admirals Tea Table Oak, Set 4 Ladder Back Chairs Oak, Jacobean Gate leg Table Oak, Gate leg Table Oak, Tall Table Golden Oak, Bedstead Oak, Mirrored Dressing Chest Mahogany, Burl Elm Mirrored Kneehole Vanity Burl Elm, Large Leaded Bookcase Stand Oak 1880, Barley Twist Drop leaf Table Oak 1890, Kitchen Dinning Table Drop leaf, Buffet Sideboard Oak, Dutch Gate leg Table Oak, Kitchen Table with Cupboard Oak, Deco Buffet Large Walnut, Deco Dinning Table Walnut, Paneled Fire Place Wood, Carved Sofa Table Mahogany, Set 4 Carved Victorian Chairs Oak 1880, Set 4 Dinning Chairs Oak, 4 Carved Chairs Set Oak 1880, Whicker Armchair Whicker, Queen Anne Telephone Seat Pine, Queen Anne Kidney Shaped Desk Painted, Log Box Decorated Pine, Small Oak Table Oak, Windsor Chair Pine 1880, Mirrored Dressing Table Oak, Gate leg Table Oak, Country Chairs Pine 1890, Oak Winsor Seat with Draw Pine 1890, Queen Anne Victorian Coffee Table Oak 1880, Whicker Chairs Country Pine 1890.

More pictures will be added soon.

Terms: Cash, Good Check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express.
10% Buyers premium.

Air Conditioned Heated Building
****Great food by Smokie's Pit BBQ****.

Hotels: Tupelo, MS. Only 16 miles.

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