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September Antiques Consignment Auction

We have received a fine selection of antique furniture and smalls for this auction. Sterling Silver, Oriental Rugs and good selection of smalls as well.

Contact us at (601) 896-0345 for consignment information for other auctions.

Auction Date

SATURDAY, September 18, 2010

9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. - Over 50 Oriential Rugs will be sold.

10:00 a.m. - Cataloged auction begins.


Edens Auction Gallery
3720 Flowood Drive
Flowood, MS. 39232
Metro Jackson, MS Area
(601) 896-0345
Fax (601) 896-0199

Listing and Information

We have already received many fine consignments for this auction.

Large Silver Plate Tray, 5 pc. Gorham Sterling Silver Tea Set, Sterling Dinner Service (48 pcs.), Mid 19th Century Mahogany Empire Armoire, 1960s German Bar, Oak Mantel, Gothic Secretary, Walnut Sewing Machine, Victorian Mirror, Victorian Walnut Dresser, Set of 4 Queen Ann Chairs, Oak Tea Cart, Still Life by Alabama Artist, Still Life by Alabama Artist, Oil Painting of Rural Scene, Oil on Canvas "The Magnolia's" signed S. Richardson, Oil on Canvas "Three Trees-Reservoir" signed John B. Derby, Autographed Copy Photo of Eudora Welty, Oil on Canvas of House and Workshop, Two Thousand Dollar MS Union Bank 5% Bond, One Thousand dollar Confederate Certificate, "Metals" Photograph by Rosalind Soloman, Pair of Engraved Audubon Prints, Fancy Vintage Mirror with applied Carved Roses, Large Gold Classical Beveled over Mantel Mirror or Pier Mirror, 6 pcs. Set of German Plates, 19th Century Cruet Set, 19th Century Golf Leaf Wall Console With Marble Top, Large Audubon Print Plate CXL #23 (Pileated Woodpecker), Pair of Decorative Wall Plaques, Late Victorian Oil Painting of Lady in Period Gold Leaf Frame, Set of Four Late 19th Century Oak Side Chairs,Four Queen Anne Style Side Chairs, Victorian Walnut Marble Top Drop Center Dresser, 5 pc. Set of Silverplate - International Pattern "Joanne", Silverplate Tea Set and Tray,Victorian Shadow Box Late 19th Century Wood and Gilt Frame, Great Shabby Chic Trumeau Mirror, Pair of Metal (luck Birds) made in China, Pair of Brass Four Arm Candlelabra's (Now Electrified) to be Lamps, Pair of Painted White Obelisk, Eight Light Brass Candlelabra, Pair Small Chinese Vases, Antiqued Grey Empire Style Petit Coat Mirror, Shabby Chic Black, Green, Gold Side Table, Painted Gold Lady's Desk Chair, Pencil Drawing of Man Smoking by Local Pearl Artist DeWeese, 1860 Walnut Spool Bed with unusual Victorian Headboard, 1920's Mahogany Empire Transitional Style Sofa, Black Lacquer Desk, Lighted Display Cabinet, Iron Side Table, Iron Floor Lamp, Serpentine Front Credenza, Comtemporary Carved Pine Dining Table, Contemporary Black Lacquer Two Section Bookcase, George III Mahogany Fall Front Secretary Bookcase, Pine Contemporary Kitchen Island, Set of Eight Contemporary Queen Anne Dining Chairs, Set of Ten Contemporary Dining Chairs, Early 19th Century Three Part Mahogany Dining Table, Louisiana Bayou Oil on Wash Board, pencil signed in lower right corner A.J. Drysdale, Contemporary Mahogany Breakfast Table, Pair Shabby Chic painted light blue Urns, 73 pcs of Theodore Haviland Limoges, Porcelain Particial Dinner Service, Fly Fishing Rod, Jewelry Lift Top Display Case, Pair of Queen Anne Wing Chairs, Late 19th Century Oak Rocker, Arthur Court design hand wash glass punch bowl, Pair of Six Sided Porcelain Planters, Decorative Iron Stand, English sideboard, 1920's Empire Transitional Style Sofa, 19th Century large Gold Leaf over Mantel Mirror, 20th Century Oak Wardrobe, Victorian Walnut Wishbone Marble inset Dresser, 19 th Century Mahogany Empire Dining Table, Victorian Oval Marble Top Walnut Table, Contemporary Island Style Oak Coffee Table, 20 th Century Iron Floor Lamp painted gold, 19th Century Natural Wicker Settee with Cane seat, Early 20th Century Steamer Trunk, Eastlake Walnut Circa 1870 Side Chair, Victorian Brass Urns, Natural Wicker Basket, Cylinder Top Walnut Eastlake Desk, Pair of Victorian Balloon Back Chairs, Pair of Vintage Mahogany drop leaf side tables, Early 20th Century Walnut Apothocary Cabinet with Forty drawers, Black lacquer Oriental Tv Cabinet, 1930's Mahogany Carved Sofa, Victorian Walnut Finger Carved Ladies Chair, Duncan Phyfe Style Drop Leaf Dining Table, Early 20th Century Mahogany Bookcase, 20th Century Carved Oriental Stand, Blue and White Umbrella Stand, Set of Eight Mahogany Queen Ann Style Dining Chairs, Mahogany Four Post Bed, Pair of Mahogany Twin Beds with Pineapple Carved Finrals, Chinese Rug, Walnut Cedar Chest (Lane), Oak Pub Table and Four Chairs, English 20th Century Oak Buffet, 1940's Walnut Radio Cabinet, Collection of Depression Glass, Continental Roccoco styel Burl Walnut Bed, Continental Roccoco Style Burl Walnut Dresser with Mirror, Pair of Continental Roccoco Style Commodes, Continental Roccoco Style Burl Walnut Triple Section Wardrobe, 54 pcs. Franiscan China, White Rectangular Enamelware Roaster, Blue Enamelware Steamer, Blue Enamelware Tea Kettle, Oval Shape Electric Blue Enamelware Roaster, Early Green Faux Finish Haning Corner Cabinet, Mahogany Bow Front Planter, Victorian Electroplate Epergne, Victorian Foot Stool, Silverplate Coffee Urn, Small Mahogany Hanging Corner Display Cabinet, Blue Willow China, 125 pcs.1960's Churchill England/Heritage Mint, Oak Scholars Desk with ink wells, Small Oak Chest with four drawers, Oak Hanging Shelf, Paper Roller from Country Store, Primitive Wood Coat Rack, 19th Century Quadruple Silverplate, Still Life Oil Painting in Ornate Black and Gold Frame. Signed Gerenabook, Still Life Oil Painting Signed Robert Elgas, Heavily Carved Stickley Brothers Arm Chair, Heavily Carved Stickley Brothers Side Chair, and MORE TO COME! Print List

Catalog and Photos

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