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Auction Supplies

Selected auction supplies and Companies serving auctoneers are listed below. If you know of other Companies not listed here, please let us know.

Kiefer Auction Supply.

Print 4 You.

Auction Bid Cards, Raffle and Admission, Parking

Live Auction Products

NAA Live

Proxi Bid

Bid on Live Auctions

What supplies are used for!

  • Labels- To let the auctioneer know what the item is that he’s selling
  • Lotting Tags- To let the auctioneer know what lot the item came from (used in multi-lot sales).
  • Bid Paddles or Cards- To identify the buyer by number.
  • Clerk Sheets- Written record of who bought what.
  • Auctioneer’s Forms- Mostly used in real estate or auto auctions, to make the sale to a buyer from the auctioneer legal.
  • Signs- To let people know when and where the auction will take place.
  • Banners- To let people know when and where the auction will take place and what is being sold.
  • Roll Tickets & Cash Box- To keep up with all money made at the auction.
  • Auction Speaker Equipment- To make sure the auctioneer’s voice is being heard among all buyers.
  • Markers- To let buyers know what item is being sold at that time.
  • Portable Audio- Mostly used in machinery auctions where the items are too big or heavy to move around.